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My partner and I were blown away at her art show a few years back. A wall full of the most stunning mosaic pieces, glimpses of nature with a colorful and cutting perspective. We felt lucky to purchase this piece, most were sold out. This piece makes us feel embraced by duality, we saw ourselves in these trees; standing side by side, but still very much our own. 


Kendall, Culver City  Ca


I love the mosaic that Carol created. It's soothing and beautiful and when the light shines on it, it glows! I love that it's a custom piece and it's unlike anything I've seen before. 


Sue, Santa Monica Ca


I’ve worked with Carol on 3 mosaic projects from the mundane to the sublime.  I first asked Carol to create address placards for the 3 units in my triplex.  She delivered on time and on budget.  Then we sat down together, looked through some images to see what I liked and Carrol came up with a super cool mid-century modern looking mosaic with these cute little fat birds.  This is a long, vertical mosaic that occupies pride of place at my entry-way.  The three little, fat birds say “hola” to all our visitors and make me smile every time I turn the key.  The last piece I purchased was from her gallery show at Café Bolivar.  It is a beautiful abstract of trees with depth and perspective and unusual color combos.  The reflective quality of the medium and Carol’s unique vision of color and composition delight the eye.  Check out her stuff.  I think you'll like it.


Deborah, Venice Ca


I love Carol's mosaic -- it captures a moment of nature brought into our home, a respite from the strife outside, a lovely interlude of peace and beauty.


Kathy, Santa Monica Ca


Both my husband and I fell in love with the mosaic piece that Carol created immediately upon catching a glimpse at her showing.  The colors and the design were wholly unique and pleasing to the eye.  We are so happy to have it as a permanent fixture to lift spirits in our home.

Sheryl, Pacific Palisades

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