Carol Davis

An Artist based in Santa Monica

I grew up around art. My father was a painter who always had a painting on his easel that he was working on in our den.


A highlight of my 5 year old self was my father displaying my butterfly painting  in one of his art shows in the park, hiding behind a tree to spy on people looking at my painting, and so elated when they did.

I'm in love with beautiful ambiguity,

and to that end I use in my mosaics elements from nature, man made elements, symbols and leave it up to the viewer to decide for themselves what they're seeing


I love the glass for it's vibrancy, the quality of light and color. I love that it's 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional at the same time. I love that the cuts aren't perfect. I fully embrace the Japanese notion of Wabi Sabe, the beauty in imperfection.


I love how small pieces come together to make a whole. I love painting with glass.

And yes I do get cut, kind of a lot...

I also teach “self-identified” art to adolescent girls to help them find their Super Powers.


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